Financial investment

HASCO Group’s goal in financial investment is to mobilize and use capital effectively, invest in, and contribute capital to, industries /sectors with profit prospects, potential for long-term sustainable growth, and ability of providing quality services to optimize profits. As a result, financial investment can help create a balance for the business cycle, develope land fund and diversify asset portfolio to minimize risks.

HASCO Group possesses a team of experts with years of expertise in project search, investment analysis, evaluation and appraisal as well as carrying out highly effective investment opportunities.

In recent years, HASCO Group has become a prestigious financial investor and gained a lot of success thanks to the Group’s long-term development strategy, the advantages of human resources and practical experience.

HASCO Group’s main financial investment areas include:

– Capital contribution for the establishment of a new enterprise;

– Additional contribution of charter capital as a strategic shareholder;

– Financial investment in the form of real estate business cooperation contracts;

– Investment in capital markets and stock markets.