Import and Export

HASCO Group is a reputable brand in exporting special animal feed materials with all kinds of products: cassava chips, sugarcane, soybean, fish meal… to China, Taiwan market.

In addition, HASCO Group also imports animal feed ingredients from Singapore, Brazil, Taiwan, Australia, Cannada… to supply to animal feed factories and large farms in the country.


Among HASCO Group’s business activities, supplying asphalt is focused for development investment.

The asphalt brand provided by HASCO Group has been present in many infrastructure and transportation projects throughout the country and has become familiar in the market. The quality of our goods and services is confirmed over time and trusted by customers.


HASCO Group Joint Stock Company buys and supplies Petroleum to the domestic market at competitive prices.

The gasoline we provide is always quality assurance.

Currently, HASCO Group has become a regular partner of many companies that have demand for petroleum such as Hiep Phong Development Joint Stock Company, Viet Phu Hung Production and Trading Joint Stock Company, Hiep Tai Phat Ltd., Mekong Construction Trading Services Joint Stock Company…

Types of Gasoline: Mogas 95, M92, M83, E5 bio-petrol

Types of oil: petroleum, crude oil, vegetable oil, animal oil, cooking oil, light oil, rubbing oil, lubricating oil, furnace oil, hydraulic oil, brake oil, metal processing oil, oil used in technology of printing, painting, thermal oil…