Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

HASCO Group’s goal in merger and acquisition (M&A) is to diversify its business areas, diversify its products and brand strategy, minimize costs and improve efficiency by scale. Thereby, it aims to create a strong market position and stability and develop financial potential in the long term.

During the implementation process, HASCO Group always considers the formulation of M&A strategies, market analysis, finding and evaluating potential targets, valuing businesses as the key issues to ensure M&A transactions succeeded.

M&A forms that the Group has been conducting include vertical M&A (merger and acquisition of businesses with the same value chain but different in the production stage) and horizontal M&A (merger and acquiring businesses with the same product line and service).

With a team of professional, highly responsible, reputable and experienced personnel, in recent years, HASCO Group has successfully implemented many large-scale M&A deals across the country. That has made an important contribution to the development of HASCO Group to become a multi-industry corporation, trading in multi-products/services with strong financial position as today.