HASCO Group aims to develop into a leading regional multi-industry economic group in which real estate, financial investment, mergers and acquisitions are strategic investment areas.

“For a happier and more prosperous life for the Vietnamese community”.
For customers: providing customers with superior products and services and distinctive design, best suited to customer needs.
For partners: cultivating trust, creating long-term, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships
For employees: building a friendly, professional and creative working environment – where every employee is given the opportunity to maximize their capabilities and strengths, make valuable contributions to the organization, share the benefits of organization’s performance and develop successful careers.
For the community: contributing to increasing the quality of life, making efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of the community and the country.

Core values
Dedication: building customer-centric culture, making customer benefits the number one priority, constantly listening and improving to best serve customers.
Respect: respect yourself, colleagues, customers, partners and the community.
Creativity: creativity is the foundation for development, the source of vitality for the future.
Joint development: HASCO Group is committed to actively participating in environmental protection and improving community life to foster social progress.